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The Ultimate camera lens protector. Being involved in the repair world of iPhones, we can share with you how common a camera lens repair is. Often costly due to the camera being exposed to dust resulting in a camera module and lens repair. Prevent this with the Lito camera lens protector.


Months of searching and research lead us to this product, which we are now offering our customers. 


• Excellent screen shield, 9x stronger than regular glass

• Strong silicone adhesive for fuss free application

• Transparency retains screens clear HD view

• Oleophobic coating is smudge proof and touch sensitive

• Rounded chip resistant edges


Save yourself the cost and inconvenience of a lens repair with the Tempered Glass Screen Protector. 9x stronger than regular glass, this essential accessory preserves the life of your phone beyond your contract expiration date.


Made from the most substantial shatter-proof glass to help protect against screen cracks and scratches that phones can be vulnerable to in the event of worrisome drops and contact with sharp objects, like household keys. This strong glass is the most reliable shield that provides an extra 9 lives for your valuable gadgets.


The impressive Oleophobic coating is 100% crystal clear, and smudge resistant, so you will barely notice that it is on. Any finger marks or oil residue is easily wiped away and the transparent surface of the glass is completely touch sensitive, so you can use your phone as normal. Installation is easy, with alcohol pads, a dust cloth and instructions included for extra help. 


Once the Tempered Glass has been fitted to your device, the end result is a crystal clear finish – without the remnants of bubbles or dust marks – and the best shield against accidents and damages.


available for iphone 11 models and newer

Lito - Camera Lens Protector

VAT Included

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